Wheel Pants Finishing

Time: 4 Hours

Now that I had the intersection fairing pretty close to perfect I removed them for a light sanding and priming. 

I then removed the wheel pants from the gear and put them back together off the plane. This allowed me to sand all the edges where the two halves meet as they sit on the workbench. I worked the seam with a small file to get a small gap between the two parts that will allow for the paint. After cleaning up the mess I made with all the sanding I put on two coats of smooth prime with sanding in between to fill pin holes. 

Smooth prime works pretty good and is easy to clean up since it’s water based. I cleaned up the pants after the final sanding and applied several coats of filler primer to help reveal any remaining pin holes. 
In between the right and left wheel pants I shot several coats of primer on the canopy skirt after all the work to cover up the rivets. When I was happy with the finish I removed the tape and paper and cleaned off the canopy itself. While I was at it I removed a bunch of the blue protective film from the aft part of the fuselage. 

To help keep any new dust off the RV I put the custom cover on as well as a couple bed sheets I bought from target to cover the tail. 

The right side wheel pant was much worse than the left side with respect to pin holes and surface condition. There are a lot more pits and voids that need to be filled. I did two coats of smooth prime and that took care of most of the pin holes but there are still several deeper pits so I sprayed them with filler primer to better help see those and I filled them with Super Fill. 
After that cures I sanded them and reprimed to call the outsides good, I’ll let the painter fine tune so they come out perfect after paint. I still need to fine tune the wheel opening to have a nice even gap at the front and back of the tire. I also will put several coats of just epoxy to help smooth out the inside surface so dirt doesn’t stick as well. 

I will call these done for now and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. 

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