Wing Stands Finished

I finished up the wing stands today. I cleaned the steel with some Simple Green which made quick work of the oily residue that was on them. I then gave them three coats of Rustoleum’s pro grade spray paint.

20130818-182302.jpgAfter letting them dry for a day I assembled them to see how the leveling rod works.

20130818-182358.jpgA few small turns of one of the nuts and I can make the angle completely level.



20130818-182624.jpgAnd the shop is ready for the wings. Should be shipped this week! I’m ready!


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2 Replies to “Wing Stands Finished”

  1. Love this blog. Been reading and watching your stuff on YouTube for a while. I’m about to start building my stand, and although I can’t drill into the concrete at my hangar, I do like the concept. Are you happy with the distance you had between the two wings to be able to work on both sides?

    • Thank you for the comments and for viewing our YouTube channel. I was very happy with the space I had. As with anything you can always use more but I was able to make this work very well and still park my vehicle in the garage. Reach out if you have any questions!

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