10″ Dynon Screen Issue

Hobbs: 8.2

On my first flight just after the run up I had my 10″ Dynon touch display flashed all black, rebooted then flashed all green and rebooted again to a normal screen. It was intermittent and all back to normal without any other issues. That continued for the next two flight however at the end of my last 3.2 hour it did it again in flight but this time it froze on the main screen with the Dynon logo with a line of text at the top “Boot Error, Please Restart…Contact Dynon Avionics if Error Persists”. I email and called Dynon and they reached back out to me the next day. Unfortunately it sounds like a hardware internal issue and they need it shipped back. So I removed it, boxed it up and shipped it overnight via FedEx. The other down side is this unit is out of warranty since I bought it some years ago so that I could do my initial testing of my wiring harnesses. I know this risk and was willing to take it as I didn’t want to close up the RV skins after wiring was done to find out years later that they had issues. So Dynon says its an average of 10 business days for turn around and a flat $450 fee. I’m hoping for its quick return! I can still fly using the 7″ screen which is why I have two so if one dies the second will be a backup. I just won’t venture too far away from home, I’m still b reading in the engine and have 8.3 hours on it all ready. I needed to cover some of my larger oil cooler as with the cold temps here in Chicago I’m only getting 167° while in cruise and I need 180°. So I will make some plates of different sizes and see if I can come up with the right combo.

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