Engine Break-In

Part of the initial flying is dedicated to breaking my new engine…the AeroSport IO-375-M1S. I spoke with Darren and they want 15 to 20 hours of “Over Square”. Normally in the climb I would run 25″ of manifold pressure(MP) and 2500 RPM(25) but for the break-in they want 25″MP and 2300RPM for those 15-20 hours. This process is top have high pressure in the cylinders to push the piston rings into the cylinder walls. This is what keeps the oil from getting into the area where the combustion takes place. If I don’t do this the cylinder walls get glazed and the engine won’t produce the correct power and oil will be burnt. So with that said I’m just boring holes in the sky as I burn these hours off. For the first 2.5 hours I stayed close to my airport just incase I had any issues. After that I ventured off and spent 3.6 hours flying 411nm and played around with the Garmin GTN and the autopilot. Not mush to show in the way of photos but I did play a little with my GoPro Max 360 camera and did a short 3 minute edit on my takeoff. 


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