Aft Fuselage Skins

Time: 6 Hours

In preparation for building up the aft fuselage tail cone I needed to debur the two side skins, the large bottom skin and the small aft bottom skin. First I used the soldering iron to remove the blue protective tape from the rivet lines on the exterior side and the entire tape from the interior side of the two side skins.

IMG_4744.JPGI than begin the work on the two bottom skins, again working to remove the blue protective film over the rivet lines on exterior side and the entire blue film on the interior side.


IMG_4749.JPGwith all the edge deburring done I was able to move on and add the lower longeron and middle longeron to both sides skins.


IMG_4750.JPGI then added the rear baggage area support ribs and angles to the mid fuselage section in match drilled those holes.

IMG_4752.JPGThe plans now call for you to add the aft fuselage side skins to the mid fuselage section one at a time. Pay close attention to how the skins line up in relation to other sections. Once you have the side skins in place you can now add four of the six bulkheads. The last thing I did today was to add asked small section of bottom skin to the side skins. This added some lateral stability to the whole structure.



IMG_4755.JPGDays like these are awesome! You really get to see the fuselage taking shape. Another great day in the Hangar!

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