Tail Cone Parts

Time: 8 Hours

Today started with riveting the seatbelt backing plates to the upper bulkhead.

IMG_4728.JPGNext up was to work on the rear baggage support structure including the ribs and rib angles.


IMG_4729.JPGLots of final drilling and deburring with these parts. I next moved on to the passenger lap belt attach points. They have a beefy angle that has to be cut and shaped to attach the seat belt lugs to.




IMG_4733.JPGThose three parts need to be riveted together now so I deburred, scuffed and primed them, leaving the tips unprimed like the others so the paint doesn’t get worn off later while in use.


IMG_4739.JPGI will paint these gray later as they will be seen in the cabin. I then moved on to the next steps which was deburring the lower aft longeron, the aft middle longeron, the aft tail cone deck and its spacers.



IMG_4735.JPGThe lower longerons are over 100″ long and took a while to debur the edges. The seat belt attach assemblies get bolted to the lower longeron and needed to be final drilled with the 3/16″ reamer.

IMG_4741.JPGSo a long day in the Hangar mostly final drilling and deburring but it has got me to the point where I will be attaching the left and right tail cone skins as well as the bottom skins. It is really fun to see this progress.

IMG_4742.JPGThe next few days will see some neat progress in hoping!

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