Aileron Brackets

Time: 2 Hours

I had several projects and items I needed to take care of today like replacing the battery on my Harley. I did want to get a little time in the Hangar no matter how short it was gonna be. The next step in the plans is to build the 4 aileron brackets, 2 inboard and 2 outboard. The outboard brackets are made with 2 pieces of flat aluminum, a bearing and an angle piece. The inboards are the same except there is 2 pieces of angle.




20140422-191500.jpgI had to do a little modification of the outboard angle to get it to sit flat on the rear spar since there is a little bit of a radius in the bend which caused the bracket to sit up a little. I also had to modify the corner of the angle to make room for one of the shop heads if the rivets that attach the top skin to the rear spar.

20140422-191716.jpgI put together the inboard brackets but didn’t put them on the spar.

20140422-191800.jpgI have plenty of work laid out for this weekend and it should be a good time in the Hangar.

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