Wings in the Cradle

Time: 0 Hours
I started my Easter Sunday with a nice breakfast with my friend Glen and discussed all things RV as he is at the stage where he just finished attaching his tail to his fuselage to drill all the attach holes and control cables. We then headed to my Hangar to take the wings out of the stands. I unscrewed all the clamps and the 4 bolts that were securely holding the wings in their place. Each of grabbed hold of an end and presto they were free! I’m guessing they weigh ~ 40#? Pretty easy to lift and flip into position in the cradle. They were a perfect fit! Snug but just right to prevent any movement.



20140420-103928.jpgI then did a little rearranging and some adjustments to my wire shelves I found a new home for my wings for the rest of the build. I will say this weekend was one of my best in the Hangar.



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