Aileron Skins

Time: 3 Hours

I started today by visiting McMaster-Carr which is local here in Chicago for a couple of new reamers, a .25″ and a .1875″ one.

20140428-170350.jpgI got to work on all the prep on the aileron skins. This included deburring all the edges, deburring all the holes and dimpling the holes the attach the stiffeners.


20140428-182452.jpgThe stiffeners get back riveted so I set all the rivets in their holes and taped them in place.


20140428-182605.jpgOnce they were all taped in the riveting process is fairly easy and I made quick time of getting both the left and right done.

20140428-182705.jpgI decided to call it a night as I was up early this morning for a flight and I’m getting tired. I know that my workmanship decreases as I get tired.

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