Aileron Work

Time: 5 Hours

Had a fun breakfast with the guys and got several questions answered for upcoming tasks. When I got home I had to take care of some errands, mainly unloading the storage unit of the remaining items that I had stored while the wings were in their stand. When I got back to the Hangar I needed to finish up the aileron stiffeners. I hit them first with the bench disk sander up to the lines I created in them, then to the scotch-brite wheel. I was able to complete a stiffener in 4 minutes, that’s 4 min x 32 stiffeners = 2hr 8min just for these little parts.

20140427-135420.jpgI then clecko’d all the stiffeners to the right aileron and matched drilled them.

20140427-154841.jpgI deburred all the holes and then grabbed the pneumatic squeezer and dimpled them. I then hit them with primer.

20140427-174900.jpgI repeated the ckecko, drill, debur and dimple on left aileron. I will work on the skins next so that these can be back riveted in prep to squeeze the skins shut. The goal this week is to get the bottom wing skins prepped so that I can be ready to rivet those on next weekend as I have the offer of help, thanks Glen! For now I’m gonna call this weekend done and a great time in the Hangar.

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