Aircraft Certification

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With the ball rolling now to finish the airplane sometime this summer I needed to get the process started for getting the plane certified/registered, as N800MF that I already reserved,m. The EAA has a package that includes a handbook to walk you through the process step by step. I also got Vans to start the process of getting me a final “bill of sale” which is required by the FAA to register the RV. each of these process is not quick, Vans takes around 3 weeks and the FAA takes between 90 to 120 days from the time they receive all the required forms, which all are included in the EAA package or you can download them from the website. Once I get the RV officially registered as N800MF I will then comply with a list of requirements needed for an official inspection. I can either use a DAR(Designated Airworthy Representative) or an FAA inspector(which is free) to come and inspect the airplane and all the documentation that’s required for an amateur built aircraft. Lots of moving parts coming together over the next few months.

Since I was ordering this book I also had them ship the new EAA flight test manual and flight test cards. This is a step by step process for the initial flight and subsequent test flights that need to total 40 hours that is called phase 1.

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