And I’m Back

Well this summer has been busy! Several fun trips including camping at the EAA’s OshKosh AirVenture 2013 and a week at Sturgis for the motorcycle rally. This is my first week back and in the hangar for some work. My wings will be shipped by the end of this week and should arrive by the end of next. In preparation for that I have been filing through several websites and blogs to see what I will need. Two items that have a must need tag on them are wing stands and a flange straightening tool. I started today with the wing stands. I decided to build them similar to Jason Hess/Rudy Greyling’s design. I found the design on Jason’s website and he gave credit to Rudi’s . I went to a local metal shop and had my metal cut for me. I will do some hardware shopping tomorrow and hopefully get some welding in.


20130813-205043.jpgI’m glad to be back in the hangar and looking forward to ALL the wing ribs!!!

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