Today I organized the hardware that I needed to make the wing stands. I hit Home Depot, Menards and Lowes to get all the items I wanted.

20130814-211239.jpgAfter laying out all the hardware I set up to drill the 3/8″ holes on the stand legs with the drill press. After that task was done I laid out the legs and feet for welding prep. I haven’t welded in several years so I was hoping it would come back to me. I bought a Miller 110v mig welder around 6 years ago do do some small projects around the home. So I set the dials and went to it.




20130814-211424.jpgI will clean up the stands tomorrow and paint them. I have decided to use concrete anchors to bolt the stands to the floor. I will drill the holes and insert some drop-in anchors.

20130814-211708.jpgBefore I do any drilling I have to plan the perfect location for the stands in the garage.

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