Anti-Hangup Guide’s

Time: 2 Hours

I was able to get a couple of hours in the Hangar today to work on the anti-hangup guides. These guides keep the end of the flop tubes from getting caught between the 2nd inboard rib and the rear tank skin stiffener. It’s a little easier to understand in these photos. The first photo shows how the flop tube could get caught.

20140221-175940.jpgHere is the solution to this problem.


20140221-180200.jpgWith the left wing done I used that guide as a template and made the right side.

20140221-180304.jpgSo I think I’m about ready to start sealing the tanks. I had one other task that I wanted to get done and that was to torque and safety wire the flop tube to the 90° elbow that will connect to the fuel lines to the engine. I needed a crowfoot open end wrench to attach to my torque wrench. So I headed to Sears since most of my tools are Craftsman and I have had good luck with the quality. When I got back I placed the elbow in my vise between two pieces of wood to protect it. With the proper torque setting and attached the flop tube.

20140221-181142.jpgI have been reading up on this task and have seen many comments on how to add a factor to the torque for the added length of the crowfoot. I was talking to one of our aircraft mechanics at our home base in Omaha and he have me a tip. He said place the crowfoot at 90° angle to the torque wrench and you don’t have to add and factor, just use the setting required for the type of fitting you are working with. Unfortunately I forgot to buy my safety wire pliers this last week, but I’m going to take my parts down to my friends house and he will let me use his. The safety wire will secure the flop tube to the elbow and not let it come unscrewed. That will get done tomorrow and then it’s time to ProSeal!

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