Tank Baffle’s Done

Time: 6 Hours

Today started by finishing up the countersinking of the baffle access plate holes. That was followed up by deburring the edges of the baffle’s and every hole in them. I then scuffed all the surfaces that would eventually get ProSeal on them.

20140220-154515.jpgWith all the surfaces treated and finished I clecko’d the reinforcement rings to be riveted with the nutplates. This went pretty fast once I set up the pneumatic squeezer.



20140220-154845.jpgI then deburred all the holes in the access plates and scuffed them so they would be ready for ProSeal. I grabbed half of the screws and attached the plates to the baffles for storage.

20140220-171925.jpgI’m going to go over all the plans and double check everything for the tanks but I think that I’m ready for some real fun, ProSeal!!! I set out and organized my supplies for that task. Hopefully this weekend I will start sealing! Pretty excited for this step to be done.


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