Arm Rests

Time: 1 Hour

In between fiberglass layups and cure times I find little tasks to complete to keep busy. I had Classic Aero supply the passenger arm rests in the stock shape and custom ones for the pilot’s. I had created a template out of card stock and mailed them to Classic when I put the order in. They turned out beautiful and are made out of the same leather as the seats. To attach them there is three platenuts built into them on the underside that will accept a #8 screw. To get the placement of the screw holes on to the aluminum arm rests of the aircraft I stuffed some small pieces of paper towel into the screw holes. I then used a sharpie pen to soak the towel with the ink. While the ink was still fresh I placed the armrest into position and pushed down hard so that the towel pieces would touch and leave their mark. This worked well and gave me a marking to drill through. I started with a #40 drill bit and opened it up to a 3/16″ to give me a little wiggle room for the screws. This process worked well and I completed all four in an hour. I used some torx screws, they are easier to tighten, to attach all four in place. Here is a view of the right side pieces in place. I also put the arm rest side panel in place to see how it all looked. 

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