Windscreen Fairing #2

Time: 3 Hours

I sanded all the work I had already done to allow for the new work to adhere to it. The plane was to work on the fiberglass that goes vertical over the top and ties in the canopy to the windscreen. I asked my good friend, Lee a LanceAir builder, to come over and give me some pointers and help. After cleaning up the area we set out to get this done. Before we started I tied two lengths of rope to the canopy frame and ran them aft under the canopy skirts for later when the work had all cured to help with getting the canopy open. I also applied packing tape all over the canopy and put car wax on it to help with the release of the canopy later. To help with the gap between the canopy and windscreen I bridged the space with packing tape just catching the windscreen by a 1/16″-1/8″.  Lee then taught me the correct or easiest way to get the layers together and cut just right. First I cut three layers of E glass to a size larger than I wanted. Then I cut two layers of carbon fiber sheet to the same size. I also cut a piece of plastic sheet twice the size of the parts I just cut. I mixed up a good amount of resin, hardener and black pigment to apply to the strips. I poured it over the five layers that were laid out alternating between the fiberglass and the carbon fiber. These all laid on top of the plastic so that I had enough plastic left over to fold over on top of the strips. I themed used a hairspray can to roll the parts and squeeze any extra resin out. Now I had a nice flat sandwich of plastic, 5 layers of fiberglass/carbon fiber and plastic. I then used my rotary cutter to cut the final shape that I wanted through all the layers. I could then peel the top layer of plastic off and have an easy time applying the layup to the windscreen. Once in place I could just peel the other piece of plastic off and we were in business. Once in place I made some slight position adjustments to get it just right so that it wasn’t overlapping the orange tape. We then applied ply peel to get it to a smooth finish. 

So we will let that cure and see how it turns out, hope I can get the canopy open! 

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