Back at It

Time: 1 Hour

It has been a long three weeks since I was back working on the RV. I had my six month flight trying in Tucson, NBAA convention in Orlando and a whole lot of flying in between. First things first was to have breakfast with Glenn to catch up on his build and life. Then my only goal of the day was to finish up the forward top skin rivets that I didn’t get to last time. There were two rivets that I just couldn’t get a bucking bar onto so I so I ordered some more cherry max rivets from general aircraft hardware to put in these spots. After that I went to the left and right support ribs that get riveted to the windscreen rollbar. I match drilled all 10 holes to the rollbar followed by deburring and cleaning out the metal chips since the rollbar is steel. After cleaning them up I riveted them with pulled blind rivets. 

The rest of the day I spent doing various tasks in preparation for working on the forward baggage door. The store can provide fits for builders as it doesn’t always fit perfect. I also had to think about how I wanted to do the hinge pin for easy removal of the door if needed. I cleaned up shop a little and put away some new tools and items that I had purchased over the last three weeks and had been delivered. One of those items was my aircraft canopy cover from Bruce’s Covers. I went with a little darker gray along with red lettering for my tail number in the corners. This thing looks great and will provide a lot of protection when not flying.

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