Forward Top Skin 

Time: 4 Hours

I feel pretty good about all my avionics and other tasks behind the firewall so I decided to attack the firward top skin. I delayed this part to give me access for wiring and other tasks but now it’s time to put it place permanently so that I could work on the windscreen when I’m ready. To give me good access for this task I unplugged all my avionics that are in the instrument panel, took 2 minutes! Then I insrewed the pane and removed it. 

I grabbed all the tools I needed and started the process of riveting starting at the very top center working a few rivets on each side at a time going outboard on the left and right sides. I used the cherry max pulled rivets in the areas above the gear towers where the bucking bar access is not easy. All went great and I only needed help with the seven forward rivets on the left side that I could reach with a bucking bar and hold the gun. 

So I just have the row on the top that are common with the baggage door hinge and I’ll get this late when I work on the door. Feels good to finish those and I’m getting real close to being out of things to rivet!

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