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Time: 4 Hours

I had a nice 6 month training event at Flight Safety which is always a fun challenge. It always amazes me at the scenarios that the instructors can put you through this fun little box.

IMG_4373.JPGAfter training was through I drove up to Las Vegas to meet up with my girl was there on a business trip. We had a lot of fun on this long weekend, we also got to catch the Red Bull air races while we were there.


IMG_4413.JPGWhen I got home I had a lot of errands and stuff to do since I was gone for 8 days. However I did manage to get 4 hours in the Hangar. I decided to wait on the fuselage aft bulkheads and work on the panel bulkhead that I had messed up and reordered the part for. If you remember the lower bulkhead had a 2″ passthrough that I added to help clean up the look. When I measured for the placement I didn’t take into account the parts for the mod I did on the baggage floor. The placement put the pipe, and it’s 90° elbow, hitting the edge of one of the CamLo’s in the baggage floor. So I did some new measurements and got to work on it. Not a lot to show as it was just as I did before. Here you can see the placement of the error and the new one.

IMG_4458.JPGI replaced the passthrough along with new nutplates and primed/painted the parts. I will reinstall it after it cures for a few day.

IMG_4459.JPGMy goal for this weekend is to winterize my Harley and get it put in storage. That will give me room to build a new stationary workbench that will be 2′ off the ground. This will hold the fuselage at a better working height as it grows. It will also free up the rolling workbench for work space.


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