More Deburring

Time: 4 Hours

I got home from my trip this afternoon and took care of some errands before getting back in the Hangar. The first items up were to match drill all the bulkheads, arm rests and gussets. I was then able to combine the forward floor section, center section and mid fuselage.



IMG_4352-1.JPGI then grabbed the two forward skins and removed the blue film from the inside for eventual priming and painting. I then grabbed the soldering iron and removed the blue film over the rivet lines.


IMG_4354.JPGI then got to the deburring of all the edges and punched holes. With all the edges nice I put them in their place on the fuselage. The plans call for a lot of clecko’s to hold everything in proper place.




IMG_4361.JPGI have run out of 1/8″ clecko’s and need to order more this week while I’m in flight training. The last thing I did today was to add several side support angles on the side skins. Next up the aft tail cone and all its bulkheads.

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