Baffle Seal Work

Time: 4 Hours

I got to spend a few hours in the hangar today to work on the baffle seals. Before I started on that task I painted the snorkel and the fiberglass oil cooler plenum. I found a spray paint that is very close to the metallic silver on the engine. I really like how this paint turned out and look forward to seeing them on the engine. So now the baffle seals and new silicone material I got form Aircraft Spruce. I made a couple of templates for the aft section and sides to use to cut the silicone. Over a couple of hours I put on/took off the pieces and trimmed them as I went. It took several iterations to get them the way I wanted. I bought a leather hole punch that makes quick work of the attachment holes. I decided that I wanted to use screws vs rivets as the plans called for. I chose to do this so I could easily replace the seals in the future. So I’m happy so far and still have the forward seals to finish. The seals make putting the upper engine cowl on a little difficult as they have now formed to the final shape. I’m holding that will get easier as time goes on.

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