More Baffle Work

Time: 6 Hours

I spent some time in the hangar yesterday and today trying to finish up the baffles. I worked all the airseals around the front baffles and got them to sit almost perfectly. I had to trim the upper air ramps a little to make it happen. I’m pretty happy with they way they seal and fit but I’m hoping they lay down after they are used on the warm engine aa they make it a little difficult to put the top cowl on due to their stiffness. So the next baffle task was to drill for three cooling blast tubes. These tubes will direct air to areas that need cooling. That’s for me are the two P-mags and the alternator. So I laid out where I wanted them and drilled a pilot hole followed a 5/8″ hole using the step bit. I used adel clamps to secure the ends and direct them to the P-mags. I ran out of the tubing and had to order more from Vans. I did drill the hole in the right side forward baffle for the alternator blast tube. I put in a small piece of tube in to check the fit. Two more holes I need to drill for are for the spark plug wires. I’m using a special pass thru clamp from Aircraft Spruce that holds the wires firmly as they pass thru the baffles. The shape looks like a number eight. I was almost sure I was finished with drilling on the baffles when I realized I had forgot the blast tube for the engine driven fuel pump. I had bought and installed the ShowPlanes cooling shroud that uses a 1″ blast tube. So I ordered a 1″ duct flange, some ducting and clamps from Aircraft Spruce and will drill for that when they arrive next week. I had one other task I wanted to get done and that was to plug the two holes on the aft side baffles. These holes are for a socket extension so you can get the spark plug in (I think). Either way they need to be sealed. So I made a cover using some sheet aluminum shaped into a circle and epoxied a spaced onto it to account for the angle that splits the hole. I also cut a couple of sheet for the opposite side. These two pieces will be screwed together and sandwich the baffle sealing the hole. So that’s where I stopped for the day after cleaning up the shop. I’ll get back at it next week after the parts arrive. Now to decide to paint or not paint the baffles!

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