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One thing I was sure of when I decided on the Hartzell composite propellor was that I would do everything to protect it when not flying. It’s such a beautiful prop I wanted to give it all the protection I could. I read about BladeSox from another builder and his blog so I looked them up. I was super impressed by the looks as well as the customer support from the owner David Otero I sent him several photos of the paint scheme I had planned out and he came up with a great design that is custom matched to the blades in my prop. I quickly approved the final design and told him to make them! It took one day for him to finish them up and send me a photo with the invoice.

Shipping was very quick and I received them in perfect shape. It only took me a few minutes to run down to the hangar and put them on.

A perfect fit and they look awesome! Thanks BladeSox for a great product and even better customer service. If you like the looks and want your own customized set see them

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