Boeing 757/767 Training

While I’m still in the “save money mode” for the Hartzell propellor I figured I would just do a little update. I have been in flight training since January 14th for the 757/767 here at United Airlines. It has been a fun training event but stressful none the less. This is a weird fleet for us as it incorporates several variants of both of these aircraft. We have 757’s with Pratt & Whitney engines and Rolls Royce engines. We have the 757-300’s as well as the 767-300’s. We also have the newer version 767-400 which has a completely different avionics package. All that being said it is a challenge to manage all the differences especially for a first officer as we are the ones who start the engines and each have differences. I can’t wait to get the training done and head back home so I can do some of the little items still left to do on the RV-8!

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