Canopy Stops

Time: 1 Hour

In between fiberglass work I try to accomplish any task I can. One thing I wanted was a canopy stop. The idea of this is that the stop will keep the canopy from sliding back to far allowing the inside canopy latch handle to hit the aft bulkhead as it slides back scratching the paint. There are several ways to do this one of which is a rubber stopper slid into the canopy rail. I thought for a while of where to get the rubber to do this and an idea came to me as I was sanding my fiberglass. I was using a 3M sanding block which is made out of hard rubber to work on the canopy skirt. It was fairly inexpensive, three or four dollars, so I thought I’m going to cut this up and see what I can come up with.I started with 1/2″ wide by 7/8″ tall and around 3″ long. I trimmed and sanded so that the stop would fit nicely with an angle in the aft end. 

I will eventually trim this down for the length after I install the handle so that it will just clear the bulkhead and give me the most open position I can get. 

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