More Skirt Work

Time: 4 Hours

I removed the skirt to start the long process of sanding down the micro I had put on. It’s teadeous work and is very dusty making a mess. I worked on smoothing out the surface and shaping the aft end for the slider. 

I still have a pretty good “bump” where the pink meets that new stuff. I added some more micro at this joint and smoothed it out in hopes of easing this joint. It did help a lot but will need final shaping later down the road. So now I wanted to turn my attention to the underside where it meets the sliding rail. I want a nice fit and shape so that it looks good. To get this I used clay to fill the void on the slider. 

I then covered the clay and rail with packing tape. I mixed up some epoxy and micro and buttered the underside of the aft tail of the skirt and slid the canopy forward to sit it down in its final position. After removing the skirt again I sanded and shaped to get a clean fit. Now that I had a real good base underneath I added 3 different layers of fiberglass to strengthen the aft end. 

When this drys I will clean up the underside with micro to get a fairly smooth surface, it won’t be seen unless you are trying to look up under the canopy but I want it nice. 

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