CHT & EGT Wiring

Time: 4 Hours

Now that I had the probes all installed I could finalize the wire routing and do the splices. I had a lot of extra wiring from the EMS and just had it curled up on the firewall. I figured out where I want the splices to sit as it needs to be an easily accessible area for future replacements. Ones that was determined I measured and cut each wire to the correct length and began the process of stripping each wire. I decided to use knife splices and cover them with shrink tube to help in the replacement process in the future. The probe wire are interesting as they have a fiber like covering versus the tefzel I was used to. So striping then took a little more time. I used shrink tube to cover the transition of the outer sheath to the exposed wires. Then with the knife spices connected I covered those with shrink tube. Then I covered the entire thing with a large piece of shrink tube to protect it. I organized all the wires and routed/secured them to the engine mount. I left plenty of slack to allow for engine vibration as well. I powered up the Dynon system and tested the probes by putting a heat gun on each one checking to see if the instruments showed a rise. I’m happy to say every one worked perfect. So I repeated the whole process on the opposite side with the same results.

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