EGT & CHT Probes

Time: 2 Hours

Part of the engine instruments is the measurement of the exhaust gas temperature(EGT) and the cylinder head temperature(CHT). These take analog info in the way of a probe that gets heated up and will be converted to a digital signal via the Dynon engine monitoring system(EMS). These signals can then be read in digital form on either of my screens in the instrument panel. For the CHT’s there is a threaded port in all four cylinders that a adapter threads into. Then the probe can easily be inserted with a quarter turn. The exhaust gas probes need a 1/8″ hole drilled into the exhaust pipes somewhere between 2″ – 6″ down from the flange/cylinder. I did some measurements and alignment planning for these so that they won’t interfere with items like the engine cowl. The most important part of the measurement is that all four probes are identical in relation to the distance from the flange so they can be accurately compared to each other’s temp. All eight probes have a length of wire on them and these will get spliced to the EMS wires that I had run a long time ago to the firewall.

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