Clecko Cleaning

Time: 2 Hours

After my weekly breakfast with a fellow builder, Lee (one of this composite guys building a LanceAir), I set out to clean up the Hangar. I plan on letting the ProSeal set up a bit before I install the inboard ribs since I have to work in the first bay between those and the second ribs. So I organized the Hangar a little and replaced all the tools I had out. I also cleaned up the skins and the outside of the outboard ribs where I had been a little messy. Whit those tasks done I had only one more thing I wanted to complete, two big piles of cleckos on a couple of paper plates where I had put them after removing during the riveting process. They were covered in ProSeal and were pretty messy. So I sat down with the can of MEK, gloves, respirator and a bunch of rags to clean them all. There must have been 300 of them and everyone had ProSeal on them. I really just wanted to get the sealer of the body of the cleckos as it just looked bad. I did try to get most of it off the working end but wasn’t too worried about that end as I have read that the dried ProSeal will actually help them grip in the future. It only took me about 2 hours to get everyone clean and put away.

20140302-151652.jpgI then grabbed a couple of my folding TV trays and set them up in my office to put the parts on that I finished yesterday. I figured that they would cure that much faster in the warm house and since it’s just me I don’t have to worry about the ProSeal smell, which I don’t mind. I also brought in the tanks as well for the same reason. I setup my electric radiator space heater to keep the room nice and warm and shut the door to keep my cats out of sticky sealer that they would no doubt find their paws in.


20140302-152146.jpgHopefully all the parts will be ready by next weekend and I can seal the tanks up by then. I have ordered a few more of the pre-filled tubes of ProSeal to make that process easier.

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