Countersinking Done and T-405’s Started

Time: 5 Hours

Today I finished up the countersinking of the skin to baffle attach points on the left fuel tank. I also finished up enlarging all the holes for the perimeter screws to the required #19 size. I didn’t take any photos of that stuff since I did a bunch for the right tank and they looked exactly the same. There are two brackets that are attach points for the inboard forward portion of the fuel tanks. These have to me fabricated from 2″x2.5″ aluminum angle. The plans give you dimensions and you have to do the designing. 20140122-210206.jpg





20140122-210235.jpgOnce I got the shape pretty close I test fit it to the rib.


20140122-210519.jpgAfter I was satisfied with the fit I transferred the shape to the other blank angle.

20140122-210803.jpgI will get that cut and shaped tomorrow as it is getting late and my back was getting a little sore.

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