Right Tank Drilling Done

Time: 1 Hour

I got home tonight and decided that I need to make some daily progress, even if it’s only 1 hour. So I fired up the heater in the Hangar and went out to do some work. I finished up the right tank countersinks, I just had the top of the skin to do. This is a slow process even though the cage was already setup for the proper depth since I really take my time with them to ensure they come out just right. Once that was done I hit all the spar attachment holes with a #19 drill bit to get them ready for the #8 dimple die. This will make the dimple for the AN509-8R8 screws that will help hold the tank on the spar/wing. I will eventually use stainless steal screws here and not paint them. Once those screws get painted and you have to remove the tank for whatever reason they never look the same so I’m going unpainted with mine. That was enough work for tonight and should get some good time in the Hangar this week as I have a light flight schedule.



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