Dynon SkyView 7”

Time: 1 Hour

My second SkyView screen arrived from Dynon directly. The process to install was simple as I had all the wiring harnesses done a couple years ago. So I just needed to plug in the three cables and screw it into the panel. I powered it up and went through all the steps to get it synced with the other screen as well as all the other devices.

I’m not sure how I will set up the screens and their layouts. I want to fly a little see what I like best. That’s the nice thing about Dynon SkyView is that you can setup and customize the screens to your liking. Here is a setup that I started with…the PFD(Primary Flight Display) at 80% on the 10” screen, the EMS(Engine Monitoring System) at 20% on the 10” screen and the Map screen at 100% on the 7” screen. Now all that’s left is the Garmin GTN 625xi GPS and my avionics are done.

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