Fuel Tank Calibration

Time: 2 Hours

I needed to calibrate the fuel capacitance plates in the fuel tanks. These aluminum plates measure electrical resistance through them. As fuel is added the resistance increases and the Dynon system and convert that to gallons after calibration. The process is pretty simple and the Dynon screen wakes you through it. You start with empty tanks and select start on the screen which takes a snapshot on the exact resistance in millivolts that it is seeing. Then you add two gallons of fuel and push the “add” button. The system takes a look at the resistance and locks it in. You then add two more gallons and repeat the process. You do this until you fill the tank completely. Now the system has 12 snap shots from empty to 21 gallons and their associated resistance. It then can make a curve connecting the dots to give you a very accurate reading of the fuel in the tanks. I didn’t take any photos of this process…that would’ve been boring.

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