Elevator Started

Time: 5 Hours

I’m waiting on rolling the leading edge of the rudder until I get help from my friend Glen when his schedule is open. So I started to work ahead on the elevator’s. The first items, like the rudder, it’s to form all the stiffeners. Not too hard when you use a bandsaw and scotch-brite wheel. I got both the left and right sides done.

20130602-211721.jpgNext was to match drill to the corresponding skins.


20130602-211825.jpgI needed to order a couple dimple dies to use on the trim doubler plate that is in the L elevator. This plate allows for a recess for which the trim servo plate will sit allowing it to be flush with the skin. This plate will use screws to attach to the plate doubler. Those screws are a #6 and require a #6 dimple which I ordered tonight. I have plenty of work to do while waiting for those to arrive.

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