More Elevator Work

Time: 5 Hours

Today was more work on the elevator stiffeners and the trim plates. First up was to edge finish and scuff all the stiffeners. Once that fun task is done I dimpled them to accept the dimples from the skins. There are 28 stiffeners that need to be done and my pneumatic squeezer makes quick work of this task.

Them they are off to be primed.

20130604-225402.jpgIn between the priming coats I stated to work on the trim plate. The rivets that hold the nut plates are NAS1097 which are small and have a very shallow head. So rather than dimpling I countersunk them very carefully by hand.


20130604-225735.jpgNext was to dimple the skins.

20130604-230024.jpgThe DRDT machine makes quick work of both skins. I was pretty tired from today’s work but wanted to tackle one more project, the trim servo attach brackets. A few measurements from the plans and I had everything lined up and ready for drilling.



20130604-231001.jpgI will let the priming cure before riveting. All in all a good days work.


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