Engine Hanging Prep

Time: 2 Hours

In prep for my eventual engine hanging I’m working on attaching anything I can to the rear accessory section of the engine. The space is pretty tight back there after the engine is installed so doing them now is advisable from what I have read. One item is the propellor governor. This controls the pitch of the propellor blade via a cable control in the cockpit. It’s bolted with four bolts and torqued to 180-220 in/lbs. The governor has small screws around the perimeter that allows you to “clock” or rotate the inner part to allow the arm to move to a position so the cable gets full range of low and high pitch on the prop.

I will safety wire the screws again once the engine is mounted and the cables measured so that it is clocked just right. I also put in the Dynon oil temp sensor in the oil filter adapter.

Like the back of the engine I also wan to put as much on the firewall as I can. I bought the Raven inverted oil system with my engine and installed the oil separator and valve on the firewall. I spent a lot of time and photos looking at RV-8’s in OshKosh over the last two years to determine where I wanted to mount these.

I just have a few items that I want to take care of before the engine is on but needed to order some parts from Vans first. Hopefully they arrive before next weekend otherwise I’ll be working on those with the engine in place.

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