Engine is Hung

Time: 2 Hours

My buddy Glenn received his IO-360 from Vans a few days after mine arrived. With both engines now in the shop we asked our good friend and RV-7 builder Pete to come visit and bring his engine hoist. This gives us an extra set of hands to help with each engine install. I gathered all the parts for the mounts and set them out. One other item I decided to install prior to the engine install is the Show Planes engine driven fuel pump cooling shroud. This shroud wraps the pump and allows for a tube to be connected to the baffling to direct ram air over the pump. This will help keep the pump cool and help with any vapor lock. Installing this with the engine in place is a challenge so getting this done now is ideal.

It only took about an hour to get the four engine bolts and mounting hardware installed. Definitely looks like an airplane now! Now on to the fun stuff!

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