Exhaust Support Brackets

Time: 2 Hours

Another task I wanted to get finished to help with wire/hose routings was the support brackets for the Vetterman 4 pipe exhaust. It’s pretty simple as they give you most of the parts. They consist of two shaped brackets that hold two pipes together, the left side and right side. You have to construct a strap to tie the two brackets together. Then the two brackets get a support brace that is made up of stainless tubes that have flattened ends on them for bolt holes. These tubes get connected together with some flexible hose to account for vibration. So I measured where the two brackets would end up keeping equal distance from the cooling ramp. There is no exact spot for these so I just went with what worked based on my oil lines. Once I had them where I wanted them I made a mark so I could return them. I removed them and marked for the 1/4″ hole that needed to be drilled and drilled a smaller pilot hole. I returned them to the pipes and clamped a piece of angle that I would use for the strapping across the two brackets. With that in place I used a Sharpie to mark through the holes I drilled on to the angle.

Once those were marked I drilled all the parts to a 1/4″ hole and cleaned all the edges. I trimmed the angle to look better and be the correct length. From here I just shortened the tubes so that they would be the correct length between the brackets and the adel clamps I put on the engine mounts accounting for the required 1/4″ gap needed between the ends of the tubes. I put all the parts together and bolted them in place. I tightened the left bracket bolt a little too much and bent the lower bracket a little so I’ll remove it and straighten it out later. For now they are secure and I can continue to run wires and hoses. One thing I have found with the firewall forward stuff and doing things a little different than the stock setup is that you need to be flexible. I had planned on the support bracket arms to be located in one spot but found out that they will interfere with the heater muff that will be located on the right had exhaust pipes. So I redid my measurements and made some modifications to the support arms to change things up. Once I was happy o removed all the steal parts and cleaned them up for a coating of high temp paint. Once that was dry I returned all the parts and tightened things down. This arrangement gives a little more support and remains clear of the heater muff and allows more room for the scat tubing that will later go here.

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