Fuel Servo Brackets

Time: 4 Hours

Due to my specific engine that incorporates the Superior cold air sump as well as the full inverted oil system the stock brackets and connections to the fuel servo won’t work. These are the connections for the throttle as well as the fuel mixture servo arms. This is a common problem for builders using this engine sump. I already had the two cables that connect the throttle quadrant to the fuel servo and just needed to fabricate some type of brackets. There are plenty of builders that have done this with just as many different connections fabricated. I saw one style at OshKosh this year and wanted to do something similar. I started by laying under my engine looking up and eyeballing where the cable would end up. Then I made some cardboard templates to get a rough idea. I ended up making several versions from the templates in aluminum before I ended on one that I was happy with. Once I was happy with the aluminum ones I repeated the shape and bends in some .050 steal sheet from Aircraft Spruce. These were then primed and painted with high temp engine paint. The paint I ended up using was Moeller Honda marine engine paint. It almost matched perfectly with my engine paint.

After installing them and making the adjustments I safety wired them.

I’m happy with how these fit and securely hold the cables. Another fun fabrication complete!

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