Final Skirt Items

Time: 2 Hours

A couple of items that needed finished before the final mounting of the skirt mounting. First was to address the haps that end up between the inside of the skirt and the frame. There is just a gap on the vertical parts of the frame. To fix this I used some quick setting epoxy to glue some washers in place. 

The second task was to adhere some felt strips around the bottom edge of the inside of the skirt. This will help seal up the canopy to the fuselage and reduce air from coming in while in flight. I borrowed the felt from Glenn and cut strips around 3/4″ wide. 

After I had all the peices cut I masked off the part of the skirts that would get the contact cement. 

Then I sprayed both the skirt and felt and let them sit to get tacky. While they say I removed all the masking. 

Once both were tacky I carefully applied the felt. It wasn’t as bad as I was planning and you have a few seconds to pull the felt off and reposition if needed. 

Hopefully this will help with the cold air coming in. We will see once we finally get in the air someday and will add more if needed. 

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