Canopy Riveted

Time: 2 Hours

With all the frame and inside skirt work done it was time to do some riveting. I put the frame back on the fuselage and bolted the two forward legs/rollers in place. The canopy was put into position with a couple cleckos on the forward loop of the frame.  I then used a Elmers glue stick to hold the small slices of rubber hose in place. 

The skirt was then put on with a couple cleckos to hold it. I then worked the skirt from aft to forward to get both the canopy and skirt to fit tight. Once I was happy with the fit all the way around I started the riveting. I started on the forward loop and worked from the top outboard left and right. 

The rivets that go through the canopy are AACQ-4-4 soft rivets to prevent cracking. I left the bottom three open as until I get the sides done. I started from aft working forward with just the soft rivets and canopy. I found that the rivet was a little tight going through the rubber hose slices. To fix that I used a little oil rubbed on the rivet to help it slide in. That worked nicely and made the job a little easier getting the rivets in place. 

After I had all the soft rivets in place I moved on to the remaining rivets which are the standard countersunk rivets since they only go through the skirt to the frame. 

So all the rivets are in place and no cracks or issues (knock on wood). So now I can work on the final outside shape of the skirt and cover up all the rivets for a nice clean look. 

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