Finish Kit

Time: 2 Hours

My girl stepped in and sat at the shop on her day off to wait for RoadRunner transportation to deliver my finish kit on Friday. Of course it arrived at the end of the 4 hour window they gave. The box arrived with no damage and was unloaded  into the shop without any issues. A big thanks to T for sitting there and waiting patiently while I was out flying around the country for work. My goal this morning was to open it up and inventory all the items before I needed to head out to go school clothes shopping for my son Drake. The inventory went great with all items accounted for, except one bag that was listed as back ordered, and only one special screw that had an issue with the head was not formed correctly. Here are a few shots of the process. 

There it is, the next 8-10 months of work for me and I’m very excited to be on the downhill stretch of the build. 

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