Firewall Painting

Time: 2 Hours

I have been pretty busy flying at work this week and haven’t had the time to get much work done in the Hangar. When I got home tonight I decided that I need to get something done even if it’s just a little. The primer on all the firewall support pieces was dry so I grabbed my final color spray paint. I decided to go with a granite gray that is a satin finish similar to the cockpit of the Lear 45. I found this color in a Rust-Oleum rattle can which will make it pretty easy to paint. I’m hoping that I can get good results that are constant. Only time will tell!



IMG_3594.JPGI decided to move ahead in the plans as I wait for the paint to dry. The next step it to work on the forward floor assembly. 12 nutplates have flush rivets holding them in place on the floor substructure, so I machine countersunk them.

IMG_3596.JPGThen I checko’ed all the parts together for match drilling.

IMG_3595.JPGI also bought a $14 portable clothes rack on Amazon to use as a paint dryer for hanging parts.

IMG_3597.JPGMy second parts bin also arrive from Amazon today.

IMG_3598.JPGI have a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow so I’m hoping to get some good work done on the RV as well as some organization in the Hangar. I will also probably help my buddy rivet the top skin of the tail cone on his RV-8 this weekend. Short time in the Hangar tonight but good progress.

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