Firewall Support Structure

Time: 4 Hours

I got all the countersinking finished up today. I need to get better at reading the plans and the orientation of how parts line up. I spent some time trying to figure out two parts before I finally understood. This is due to the couple of months off if building I think. When I finished up that task I got right to scuffing all the surfaces for priming. I then cleaned all the parts and placed them in my painting table.

IMG_3585.JPGA couple of coats on all the sides and these will be ready for paint.

IMG_3587.JPGI will let the primer dry until tomorrow and get to painting. While I was cleaning up I decided to try to find all the parts for the next two steps in the build, the forward floor and gear towers. I found all but one part for the floor and gear towers. I will have to go through the parts to find that missing piece in the piles of aluminum that I have. I assembled the 2 gear towers to see what they look like.

IMG_3588.JPGI also received a couple of tools from Cleaveland tools and Avery tools. The really important one is the tungsten bucking bar! This is a really dense metal, more than gold, and makes for easy riveting according to everyone who uses them.


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