Flanging and Fluting

Time: 4 Hours

After getting all the edge finishing finished this morning and running some errands I got back at it in the Hangar. First up was to straighten the flanges of all the main ribs. So I broke out the tool I made, from Jason Hess’s build, and screwed it to the bench.


20131101-190403.jpgThe idea is to bring the flange back to a 90° to the webbing. This tool makes that job fairly easy. Here is a before and after photo of the end flange of one of the main ribs.


20131101-190628.jpgOnce I finished up all the flanging I moved on the the fluting. This straightens the ribs from fore to aft aligning them with the skin holes. Here is a before and after shot looking from the top of the wing down. You can see the bow in the rib one the first one and it removed on the second.


20131101-191116.jpgI finished both of those tasks in 4 hours and had them back on the shelves.


20131101-191648.jpgI decided to call it a day and clean up the Hangar. I will get a good day in tomorrow and this time I will get some assembly in!

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