Flap Actuator Safety Wire

Time: 1 Hour

One item that was on my list was to safety wire the top of the flap actuator where the rod end bearing gets bolted to the attach bracket. This was a service bulletin for earlier models and is now incorporated into the current plans. I held off on this until I figured I was done assembling-removing-assembling the flaps. One thing I didn’t think of was to pre drill the required hole in the actuator earlier when it was off the plane. So rather than remove it again I decided that I had enough room to drill in place. I used a 1/16″ drill bit and started at a 90° and as it bore into the metal I changed the angle enough to drill through the end clearing the jam nut. I then safety wired through the new hole then around the bolt holding the rod end to the bracket. This prevents the actuator falling out of the bracket if the rod end fails.

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