Project Update

Time: 8 Hours

So It has been a pretty busy summer for us…mainly for me flying and picking up extra hours so we can save for the propellor/spinner. I have done a lot on the RV that is worthy of posting on the blog. I have been cleaning up little items that were on my to-do list and checking them off. One item that I had added on the list a while ago was to remove all the zip ties I used and replace them with cable lacing. I wish I had just started off learning to lace and going that route from the beginning but I fell into the zip tie trance and how easy they are to put on. One problem with the ties is that they can chafe the wires as well as leave a sharp edge on the tail you cut off. So I watched a few videos and taught myself to lace properly and began to carefully remove the zip ties and replace with lace. I started on the firewall forward area including the engine. I then moved to the harder areas like the battery compartment and avionics bay behind the panel. It was a slow process but very rewarding to make it look professional. Here is just a couple of shots of how it looks with lacing.

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