Floor Mod Assembly

Time: 4 Hours

I started the scuffing, cleaning, priming and assembly of the floor mods yesterday. Since I had a lot of fabricated parts that all look similar I decided to work in one at a time to avoid having the parts get mixed up. I started with the right side scuffing and priming. When I had those parts done and dry I got the back rivet set and pneumatic squeezer out and started riveting. The middle support angles needed the back rivet set and I was able to get all the mod support structure with the squeezer. I finished all the rivets without any difficulty and moved on to the angles on the door with the back rivet set. I then measured and cut the hinge pin and added a 90° bend in the end. I also added a little bend at a 90° to the first bend to allow the pin to sit flush with the door as the hinge sits a little below the door.  I also received my CamLoc’s that I ordered from Aircraft Spruce, I ordered the flush heads since these will be under carpet, and put them in temporarily to hold the door shut.  I was real happy with how everything turned out and will plan on delaying the painting of the floors until the last minute as I will be putting these floors in and out several times and figured they would get scratched up.    





 In between  priming sessions I grabbed the cabin heat cable and slid it into position.    


On to the left side! 

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