Floor Mod Finished

Time: 4 Hours

I finished up the seat floor mods today by making the two panel doors. I used some .025 sheet, the skins for my wings that got damaged in the shipment way back at the beginning of the wing build. I removed al the substructure parts from the seat floor so that I could lay the floor on the sheet and trace the opening. I then took my time cutting and cleaning up the edges to get a good fit. Once I was happy with the fit I tapped them in place so I could drill the hinge.  


I then grabbed all of the support angles and cleckoed them in place for final drilling.  

 There are 3 support angles that would go across the area that I put the access panels. I needed to cut them down so they would now fit on just the doors.  

   I cut them down and cleaned up all the edges.  

   I debuted all the new holes and cleaned up shop for the night. Not a bad Monday in the Hangar. 

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